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[NEWS] 180330 Stray Kids Shares Photos Taken With Labelmates GOT7 Backstage

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The bromance is blooming between GOT7 and Stray Kids!

Stray Kids is the newest idol group from JYP Entertainment and the first male dance group to debut from the company since GOT7 in 2014.

On March 30, Stray Kids shared on their Instagram a photo taken with GOT7 backstage at “Music Bank.” In the caption, they wrote, “All of this is just the beginning! We gave our seniors GOT7 our album and we received their precious album in return.”

In the photo, both groups show off their exchanged albums and Jackson in particular shows his love for the younger group.

Earlier on the same day, Hyunjin posted a photo he took with Jinyoung and wrote, “Hello, this is Hyunjin. Today on ‘Music Bank’ the GOT7 seniors helped us out a lot… Thank you TT It was our first time, so we didn’t know what to do, and thanks to their guidance we were able to find our place!! And… a double selfie with Jinyoung hyung…”



credit: Soompi

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