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[PROJECT] "4ever With GOT7" GOT7 4th Anniversary Charity Project - Summary

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- 4ever With GOT7 -
GOT7 4th Anniversary Charity Project Donation Drive



From Coco to Nora, Kunta & Odd to Gumiho... From the new pets that Bambam added recently, to the strays that leader JB has a fondness for feeding... just from those stories and their collection of pets alone, we all know that GOT7 are passionate animal-lovers. So in order to celebrate GOT7's upcoming 4th debut Anniversary on January 16, 2018, we at OMG7 Forum wish to commemorate this special occasion with a charity gift donation in their name to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support their important work in conserving endangered species and their natural habitats. We're sure GOT7 would be happy to see their fans lending a hand to WWF and helping this worthy cause (: 


Our main objective for this donation drive is to do virtual symbolic species adoptions in the name of GOT7.


These are the species we plan to adopt, chosen for their "connection" to GOT7 members :P


Species to adopt: 

  1. Lynx (For JB)
  2. Prairie Chicken (For Mark)
  3. Sniffer Dog: German Shepard (For Wanggae)
  4. Sniffer Dog: Labrador Retriever (For Parkgae)
  5. River Otter (For Youngjae)
  6. Anaconda (For Bambam)
  7. Giant Anteater (For Yugyeom)

PLUS + 4 types of BIRD SPECIES to represent 4 years of Ahgases ❤ GOT7

  1. Snowy Owl
  2. Emperor Penguin
  3. Emerald Hummingbird
  4. Macaw


International IGOT7s, if you would like to contribute to this meaningful project to congratulate GOT7 on their 4th Anniversary milestone while helping out a great cause, do join hands with OMG7 Forum and send your donations via PAYPAL to



*Minimum donation is $5 USD.
After donating, please make sure to fill in this FORM too! 
*This is so that we can upgrade your forum membership to "donor" status later :)



*Please select your donation as "payment for goods & services (non-delivery services)" on

Paypal, this is so that Paypal would not hold on to the payment for a period of time before transferring it to us.

*Please note that for certain countries, the paypal fee may be charged to the sender in addition to the donation.

*If you don't have a paypal account but still wish to donate, please email us at admin@ohmygot7.com, we can discuss other options together ^^


This donation drive will be open until January 10, 2018.

We look forward to IGOT7s' support and donations, thank you!!


Let's show our love and celebrate these wonderful 4 years of walking alongside GOT7, and to 4evermore!! 




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"4ever With GOT7" - Project Summary 



After about 2 months of donation drive, we've finally wrapped things up for OMG7's charity project "4ever With GOT7" in commemoration of GOT7's 4th debut Anniversary on January 16th!! Thank you very much for everyone's generous donations and kind support to this project; we're very pleased to be able to contribute on behalf of GOT7 and International IGOT7s to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in helping them continue their important animal species and environmental conservation work. 


Below are each of the species symbolic adoption certificate we received for each member of GOT7, chosen based on its unique connection to that member which Ahgases could probably guess right away lol, and also an extra 4 bird species we adopted to represent 4 years of GOT7's debut and 4 years of us baby birds being with them on this journey. These certificates of adoption will also be sent via physical mail to GOT7 at JYPE (: 


Thank you once again to all our kind donors, we couldn't have done it without you! ^^ 


















*Continues in the next post~~ *

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And to celebrate 4 years of being in the Ahgase fandom, here are 4 species of birds!! :D 










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