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Code of Conduct at OHMYGOT7

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OMG7 (ohmygot7.com) is a non-profit fan forum for JYP Entertainment's kpop idol group GOT7. Our main purpose is to build and maintain a shared community space for all International IGOT7s where they can easily find everything they need or want to know about GOT7, be it information, videos, pictures, or news etc. Dedicated IGOT7s have volunteered their time to upkeep this forum consistently because we hope that having a well-maintained English language resource center for all things GOT7-related will be useful to all fans and especially helpful to the newer fans in the fandom that don't know where to begin looking up for GOT7 things lol. We also have a subbing branch, OMG7Subs Team, that works hard to bring quality English-subbed GOT7 videos in the hopes of spreading the GOT7 love by letting more people understand and love our boys despite language barriers.

OMG7 Admins and staff have only 2 main objectives for building this "nest" for Ahgases:

1) To preserve GOT7's history as they embark on their careers for the future generations of IGOT7s.

2) To maintain and create resources that will help in spreading the GOT7 love.

That is our main intention and our contribution to serving the IGOT7 fandom



Be Respectful
Being polite and respectful to everyone you meet is a basic common courtesy in life, so we expect the same in our online IGOT7 community as well. Let's play nice with each other and work towards a warm and cohesive IGOT7 fandom :)

OMG7 Is All About GOT7

  • This forum is build specifically for Kpop Idol group GOT7 and their fans IGOT7s, so all content in this shared space should be related to GOT7.
  • The only exception to this rule is the 'Just Relax' room, where non-GOT7 topics can be found.

We Have Zero Tolerance For:

  • Anti-GOT7 sentiments or comments. 
  • Abusive, hateful, racist, sexist or illegal content.
  • Religious or political propaganda posts.
  • Personal attacks, cyber-bullying, threats, unruly behaviour or inflammatory posts.
  • People who are disrespectful towards OMG7 administrators and staff.

Preferred Language

  • We are an international English forum for IGOT7s so we would prefer for members to use English to communicate here as much as possible. 'IGOT7 Worldwide' is the ONLY forum we allow non-English posts, please use English in all other forums on OMG7.
  • No vulgarities and crude language allowed. We understand you get excited about GOT7, but please find another way to express it without profanity.

Content Presentation

  • Keep posts and pictures G-rated! IGOT7s come in all ages and sizes, let's not corrupt the children amongst us :P
  • Remember to credit the original source for all pictures or news you use as material for your posts:
    • As long as you did not create the work, please credit accordingly.
    • We do not allow edits of fanart or fan-taken work; please respect the creators.
    • If you post any news/information, please provide the source.
    • Certain images/information requires you to seek permission, please do so.
  • Do not use CAPITAL LETTERS to post thread titles. You may use it inside the post itself, but not for writing entire thread titles.
  • Please do not post any personal information such as telephone numbers/home addresses or passwords on the forum, this is for your own safety as all this information would be open to public.
  • Advertisements of non-GOT7 related products are not allowed.
  • No multiple-posting allowed in the same thread consecutively. You may only post up to 2 posts consecutively.
  • No spamming, any posts with 0 words and just emoticons/stickers would be considered spam and thus deleted.

Personal Profile Restrictions

  • You may only use ONE signature per member profile. Signature size limit is 500 x 300 pixels maximum.
  • Do note that you are allowed to change your username on the forum 3 times maximum. We will not be entertaining requests to change usernames after you exceed these 3 times.

If you want to know which sections you are allowed to start topics in, or what post count you need to access our Download Rooms,
please refer to our Forum Navigation and Legend.

If you need further help or are confused about anything, ASK A MOD! ^^b

All rules apply to members and non-members.
Thank you for abiding by the OMG7 Code of Conduct!
We appreciate your cooperation in helping us create a safe and harmonious playground for all International IGOT7s


1st offense = 1st warning

2nd offense = 2nd warning

3rd offense = 3rd warning

4th offense = BANNED for life from OMG7


We think 3 warnings are reasonable enough to get yourself straightened out, so we will have no mercy on the ban at your 4th offense.

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